Is Canada A Safe Destination For International Students?

Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of students from India, South Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Iran, France, Nigeria, Colombia, and several other countries. Let’s give you a small stat on that – between January and April 2020, Canada welcomed 67,000 international students from across the globe. That so many students are immigrating to the province every single year apparently proves a point that Canada is quite safe for students.

According to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) data via CIC news, international students are still keen to study in Canada, despite the recent global outbreak.

Do you also hope to immigrate to Canada for study purposes? 2020 has enough good reasons for you to apply! But don’t forget to discuss your eligibility, the cost involved, and other criteria with a student visa consultant in Surrey BC.

If you are hesitant, read further to find how safe Canada is for immigrating students. Apply only when you are fully convinced!

Are Canadian universities still welcoming international students?

Of course! International students can still enter the province given that they meet certain eligibility criteria. The Canadian Government, recently, announced that candidates having a student visa on or before March 18, 2020, are exempted from the travel restrictions. However, they will be only quarantined for 14 days upon arrival. As per CIC News, the new travel guidelines for July 2020 and beyond will be announced later this month.

Is Canada going to be more attractive? Let’s see!

Canada has repeatedly proven itself to be the safest and most attractive study destination in recent years for international students. Do you know why so? Because –

  • The province offers a very high standard of education
  • Students, their partners, and spouses are allowed to work during their studies and after completion
  • Canada allows you to live in French and/or English environments
  • The country is too safe for students coming from abroad
  • Each year, Canada welcomes international students, immigrants, temporary workers, business owners, and visitors from over 200 countries approx.
  • The opportunities here are more affordable in comparison to other popular study destinations for international students, partly because of the weaker CAD
  • Canada has over 80 Permanent Resident pathways for international students – nearly 54,000 former immigrating students obtained Canadian PR Visa in the year 2018

The province is all set to be more attractive for international students this year. So, if you have plans to study abroad, do give Canada a thought! And if you need help with immigration, feel free to talk to one of our student visa consultants in Surrey BC. We guarantee that you’ll be amazed to see the opportunities and convenient migration process.


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