Extend Your Work Permit

Extend Your Work Permit

Extend your work permit – Bridge an open work permit
Workers are a class of temporary resident who are legally authorized to enter Canada temporarily, to work. They are subject to various conditions.
Temporary residents who are already in Canada can do one of the following:

  • extend their stay as a worker;
  • change conditions of their stay as a worker;
  • change their class to include permission to work; or
  • correct problems in their status.

If you are currently working in Canada and want to change conditions on your work permit (e.g. change length, employer or occupation), you must apply and obtain a new work permit. You should apply before making the change. For any permit, you should always apply at least 30 days before your status expires.

Normally, a work permit must be applied for prior to coming to Canada. Only in a few special circumstances an initial work permit be applied for within Canada:

  • you presently hold a valid study or work permit;
  • you are the spouse of a study or work permit holder;
  • you were previously authorized to work without a permit;
  • you presently hold a valid Temporary Resident Permit;
  • you are a refugee claimant or an applicant for permanent residence in Canada under section 207 of the IRPR, or
  • you are a trader or investor, intra-company transferee or professional under NAFTA.

An individual may be eligible for a bridging open work permit if:

  • They have applied for permanent residence
  • Their current work permit expires in 4 months or less
  • They have valid status on your work permit
  • They arecurrently in Canada

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